Operation Timings

Posted: July 22, 2010 in About the University

The Islamic University of Madinah is usually easy to access, for the most-part. However, there are some days and times in which the administrative buildings or other facilities are closed.

On weekdays the university normally operates from 8:00 AM until Dhuhr time.  The university is closed on weekends, which in Saudi Arabia, is every Friday and Saturday.

The university is closed during the last TEN (10) days of Ramadan, TEN (10) days following Eid-ul-Fitr, and during the TEN (10) days of holidays in Hajj season. During such holidays, the campus is still open and students are still active, but formal classes are not in session and the administration buildings are not open.

To view a general academic calendar from the Saudi Ministry of Education, click here.

NOTE: Although the Gregorian calendar is still used in many parts of Saudi Arabia, the usage of the Hijri calendar is more common.  If you wish to convert any dates, try using an online  date converter.


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