Step 1: Acceptance

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Post-Acceptance Process

If you have been accepted, you may come to know by at least ONE (1) of the following ways:

  1. You will receive a letter of acceptance from the institution at the mailing address written on your initial application – but there is a chance that the letter may never reach you as the university is gradually trying to digitize its administrative processes and services.
  2. Your name will show up on the list of accepted students on the official university website.
  3. Your name will show up on the list of accepted students on various students’ blogs – which is actually taken directly from the official university website.
  4. You may check your status online via the official university website using your application reference code.
  5. A  current student may inform you if you have already established contact with them beforehand.

Upon learning of your acceptance, there are a number of procedures that you must go through prior to leaving Canada – try to get started immediately because some of the paperwork can take a lot of time to complete.
Please note that the post-acceptance process is a bit more tedious than submitting the initial application. It is strongly advised that you remain patient and constantly beg Allah for His help, keeping the higher goals and priorities in mind.
If you can work together with some of the other accepted students, then that is ideal. On top of that, some of the older students will be more than pleased to assist you whenever possible.
Please send an e-mail  to the gmail account listed below providing your basic contact information so that you may be contacted: 


Also, to help you wrap your head around the situation, in the past, there have only been a few students who were able to get everything in order so as to make it to Madinah in time for the first semester. In more recent years, it has become normal for newly accepted students to arrive and register half-way through the year, thus commencing their studies in the second semester.

Lastly, for those of you who are unable to uproot from Canada within a few months’ notice, do not despair. There is a policy that allows certain students to postpone their acceptance for a maximum of TWO (2) academic semesters. In such circumstances, there would be additional paperwork to complete, which usually involves a couple of other people running around the campus administration buildings on your behalf.

Due to the immense difficulty involved in re-sending your visa and the fact that there is a possibility that your acceptance could still be revoked regardless, try not to postpone anything unless there really is no other option.

No need to worry – it is not as bad as it sounds as you will soon come to know, insha-Allah.


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