Medical Report

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The medical report is one of the most important components of the visa application package. Consequently, it takes the most effort and time to complete, regardless of your health.

In order to simplify everything and minimize the likelihood of error, this component can be broken down into a few smaller tasks:


1. Medical appointments

You will be required to make a total of TWO (2) to FIVE (5) visits to medical facilities within your locality. Each visit would be for a specific purpose.

Your first visit should be to your family physician. For this appointment, bring your health card with you alongside a blank copy of the medical form from the embassy website. Also, if the College of Physicians of Surgeons of your province has any specific requirements, ensure you know what those are so as to inform your doctor.

After looking closely at the embassy’s medical form, your doctor should give you the appropriate requisition sheets for the medical tests that you are required to undergo. Examples of testing would include a chest x-ray, urine testing, stool testing, blood work, and an eye exam.

If there is a lab in your family physician’s office, you may be given a few labeled containers for the urine and stool tests, making matters a little bit easier. After all, the less you have to run around, the better.

However, if your doctor does not give you any containers, then don’t get your beard stuck in a knot.  Insha-Allah you will get them when you go for blood work at the medical lab indicated on your requisition sheets. It is best to go wherever the doctor recommends for testing. In the end, whether or not you go to a municipal public health facility, a private lab, or a hospital does not really matter as long as the proper testing is done to meet the visa requirement.

The next 2-3 appointments or walk-ins are for actually undergoing the required medical testing. Ensure to have your health card and requisition sheets with you, and make sure that you fulfill the requirements for those specific tests as specified by health officials. To elaborate, blood testing typically requires one to ‘fast’ for a certain number of hours prior to extracting blood samples.

The final medical appointment should take place after all of your test results arrive, which can take between ONE (1) and SIX (6) weeks or even longer. In this appointment, have your family physician fill out the blank medical report form from the embassy and sign it according to the instructions written on the actual document. Also, you should obtain photocopies of ALL test results. Please note that your doctor may charge you a service fee for filling out the medical form and for photocopies of the test results.


2. Certification by the College of Physicians and Surgeons

At this point, your medical tests are completed and the medical form has been filled out and signed by your doctor. The next step is for you to submit that same medical report to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of your province. You may or may not need to submit your test results to the College alongside your medical form – double-check by contacting them via phone or e-mail.

If you are able to submit your medical form to the College personally, then that may be easier than sending it via mail. However, if you do opt to send it in by mail, then you must meet all of their conditions with regards to waybills and payments. Failure to do so may lead to a whole list of issues. If for whatever reason your original document is lost, you will need to visit your family physician and have them fill out the form all over again, unnecessarily wasting time and money.


3. Attaching photos and test results

Once your certified medical form is returned to you, which should only take a few business days, your medical report is nearly completed. All you need to do is attach a passport-sized photo to the appropriate part of the medical form as indicated on the sheet itself. Then, staple all of your medical results to the back of the form and praise Allah because you are done!

As a tip that may come in handy for the medical report and the entire visa application package in general: you may want to scan all of your documents and save them in a folder on your computer just as a precaution in case you ever lose any of the hard copies.


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