Initial Arabic Program

Posted: August 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Islamic University of Madinah has a world-renowned Arabic program that is specifically designed for students who are foreign to the Arabic language.

The program in its full length takes TWO (2) academic years to complete. Because each academic year consists of TWO (2) semesters, the Arabic program is systematically divided into a total of FOUR (4) semesters, and each term represents one level of proficiency.

Within each level, several subjects are taught that ideally equip students with the necessary language skills for the Islamic studies courses. Upon completing the program, one should be able to speak, read, write, and understand traditional Arabic at a relatively fluent level. Nonetheless, it is normal for students to be slightly weaker with spoken Arabic due to the nature of languages; speech usually takes longer to develop, and it will continue to strengthen over time insha-Allah.

The efficiency of the Arabic program is rooted in immersion. From the very first day, students will be immersed in an environment where Arabic is the norm. The administration and education is entirely in Arabic, and it is most likely that the only exposure to your native language(s) would be through other students.

The program may seem daunting but each year there are quite a few students who are admitted into the university who have absolutely no background knowledge of Arabic – and after some earnest work, they are able to grasp the language quite well, masha-Allah. Nonetheless, it is highly encouraged that those who are interested in applying to the university should at least be able to read the language with punctuation.

Upon graduating from the initial two-year Arabic program, students receive a diploma. Thereafter, the four-year Islamic studies commence within the faculty that you select.


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