Acceptance Letter

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In the past, the acceptance letter would arrive via express post in an envelope similar to the picture located at the bottom of this webpage. On the document itself, you would find:

  1. ONE (1) university stamp
  2. ONE (1) passport photo
  3. Your temporary student number
  4. A list of documents to bring with you to the university
  5. Further instructions


Recently, the university stopped sending notices of acceptance via the mail. Now, all newly accepted students should be able to access their acceptance letters online.  If perchance you did not receive your letter of acceptance or if your letter is missing one of the key features mentioned above, you should apply for an electronic version using the newly-developed online solution. Simply follow the instructions provided on the website, and your problem should be solved insha-Allah.

All newly accepted students who receive this letter should try to have someone who is proficient in Arabic read it carefully for them despite the attempts made at translating the text. It is common for the English translations to be poor and for instructions to be unclear or contradictory. In the end, it is merely a tool necessary for you to complete the administrative processes so as to get to Madinah. Thus, double-check to ensure that it is signed, stamped, and has your student authorization number written on it.

Click the picture below to see a sample of a past letter of acceptance from the university:




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