Step 4: Submit Application Package

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Application Process

At this point, you should have double-checked to ensure that there is absolutely nothing missing from your application package.

For online applicants, the process of submitting the application documents is fairly straight-forward and quite easy. Ensure that you try your best to follow the instructions provided on the university website, and within a matter of minutes, you will be done insha-Allah. After uploading your documents, you can check on your status regularly by entering your reference number into the appropriate section of the website.

So, if you are ready to turn in your documents online, say ‘bismillah’ and click the logo below:

Please note: Although all applications must now be submitted via the internet, the following information could still be helpful if you would like to visit the Islamic University of Madinah.

As for the applicants who wish to visit the university in-person, there is still quite a bit of work to do. Most applicants either make Hajj during the appropriate season, or go for Umrah at any other time of the year that visas are available. Most of the arrangements and visa-related matters for such trips can be done through a travel agency.

During their trip, applicants visit the Islamic University of Madinah as well as a few other institutions in Makkah,  Riyadh, or Qassim, so as to submit their documents and go for an interview. Afterall, why put all of your eggs in one basket?  Bear in mind that many other universities throughout the kingdom are also changing their application procedures and policies. If you have students’ contact information, then it is advisable that you try to connect with them before your arrival so they may assist you further insha-Allah.

Once you arrive in Madinah, allocate at least TWO (2) days to go through the interview process on campus. There have been numerous cases in the past in which applicants were not able to sit for an interview – so setting aside an extra day may actually prove to be beneficial.

Even though you already applied online and policies are different than what they used to be, it might be a good idea to bring copies of all of your documents that you submitted online, just in case. Who knows? Maybe they will come in handy. As a pointer, ensure that your papers are stapled together, and avoid carrying them in any type of fancy folder or duotang. Perhaps that may work well for presentation in the West – but in Saudi Arabia, it’s all about stacks of paper stapled together and nothing more.

Moving on, unless you have contacts in Madinah who are able and willing to drive you around, it is best to use a taxi to get to the university. The fare will differ depending on the time of year that you are visiting, the number of cabs available at that specific place and time, the number of passengers accompanying you, as well as the overall distance.

Once you arrive on campus, try to ask someone if they could point you towards the admissions office, known as ‘Imaadat-ul-Qabool wat-Tasjeel ( عمادة القبول و التسجيل).

Inside the admissions office, there is an area that is typically busy with students submitting documents or dealing with paperwork. If you have to wait in line, do so, but when you get the chance, try to get some help from the employees working behind the desk. You may find that a few of the administrative staff working there can speak English or understand you at the very least.

After introducing yourself and requesting an interview, you will likely be asked for your application reference number – the same one that was given to you when you submitted your documents online.  It is also possible that your picture would be taken for administration purposes. If not, do not worry about it.

If you were unable to download an interview form from the website, you will be given one by the employees working behind the desk insha-Allah. You will then be instructed to proceed upstairs and wait in the hallway until an available interviewer invites you into his office. If your Arabic language skills are poor, it really helps to have a student with you who can translate on your behalf.

For more information regarding the interview, click here.

After your interview, you are officially done. From then on, try using your application reference number to routinely check on the status of your application via the website. And, if you do get accepted, that same number will come in handy for a few other things insha-Allah.

Before you leave the university, you may want to walk around campus just to get a feel for the place. Again, having a student with you helps a lot.

After that, the waiting game begins. So be patient and do not fret too much about your application. Rather, continue whatever it is that you were doing prior to applying. That way, if you do not get accepted you can still benefit without wasting precious time.

Have confidence in Allah, beg of Him for His Help, and ask Him to give you what is best for this world and the next. Please make du’aa for the other applicants and students as well. In the end, Allah chooses whomsoever He Wills.


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