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Posted: October 15, 2010 in Student Life

Annual Plane Ticket

Every student enrolled in the Islamic University of Madinah is entitled to receive a free round-trip plane ticket each year so as to visit their home country during the summer break.

There is a travel agency office specifically for the university students, located conveniently on campus. All student flights that are included as a part of the scholarship program are arranged through the travel agency with the help of the university’s travel administration.

On an annual basis, the university appoints at least ONE (1) student for each nationality to represent all of the students of their respective country. The student representative, also called the ‘mandoob’, works on a voluntary basis in order to make matters easier for both students and the campus administration. Thus, unless one has a specific issue that needs to be dealt with personally, students do not even need to visit the travel agency office or other related administration buildings.

It is not mandatory for students to use their annual plane ticket in the summer. Hence, some students opt to stay in Saudi Arabia during the summer months instead of visiting their home countries. Of those who make that choice, many prefer to use their ticket during one of the shorter breaks in the year instead. It is not possible to refrain from using the free ticket of one year in order to carry it over to the next year.

For those students who do not visit their home country, they are still required by law to leave the country and re-enter each year. Those who fail to do so may be fined. Therefore, those who wish to spend their summer in Saudi Arabia simply exit the country by briefly going to Kuwait or another neighbouring country, only to re-enter Saudi Arabia shortly thereafter.

Overall, the procedures are not difficult to get accustomed to. With all of the administrative work involved from before acceptance onwards, most students are already fairly used to the way things work in the Middle East – that does not take away the pain, but it certainly makes it easier to handle.



Student Life in the Summer

Most students like to take advantage of the long summer breaks by visiting their families in their home countries and perhaps working summer jobs or teaching what they have learned so as to benefit others and solidify their knowledge.

In Madinah, normal university classes are not held in the summertime. But, there are some courses that are offered for university-level students seeking to raise their grades or gain additional credits. Plus, no matter the time of year, there are always beneficial circles of knowledge to attend within Madinah and other areas of the country.

Thus, some students capitalize on their time by revising their notes on campus, which is considerably less busy, and by attending the different classes held in the mosques and homes. Some students join intensive programs for memorizing, whereas others simply take it easy. A number of students who are struggling to maintain their families can not really afford to bring their wives and children back to their home countries each year, so they may opt to stay in the city and take advantage of the available opportunities to earn some money whilst maintaining a study routine.


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