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Posted: October 19, 2010 in Application Process

Current Policies:

The Islamic University of Madinah now only accepts applications via the internet, thereby making the application process easier in many respects, walhamdulillah.

Previously, potential students were able to submit their documents to the university by mail, in-person, or through students already enrolled in the university who would apply on their behalf . Also, there was no restriction on the number of applications an individual could submit. With the new online system, everything has changed.

Currently, only applications completed via the online process are being considered. Thus, the submission of documents via the aforementioned methods are no longer accepted.

In the past, applicants were advised to submit as many applications as possible in order to illustrate  dedication as well as to ensure that the administration has the appropriate documentation on-hand because documents could get lost or damaged.  As of now, the submission of more than one application in an academic year will automatically cancel all of your applications leaving you no chance of being considered or accepted at all.

Despite the recent changes to the application process, students are still encouraged to visit the university for an interview, if they are able to do so. Realize, however, that those who do not complete an online application prior to visiting the university for an interview may be turned away.


Preferred Applications:

It is difficult to fully understand how the selection process works. Through insider information as well as trial and error, students have learned of ways in which one may be able to give their application a boost. Nonetheless, it must be understood that there is no infallible method; it is best to simply do what is within your ability whilst placing your full trust in Allah. There have been applicants who have not gone above-and-beyond with their applications but were accepted nonetheless. Likewise, there have been some individuals who seemed to be almost ‘guaranteed’ given the strategies they used, but were rejected. Even if you  have met all of the preferred criteria of acceptance, there is no guarantee that you will be admitted.

Realize that Allah is in full control of all things and is All-Knowing and All-Wise. If He wills for you to get accepted, or if He wills for you otherwise, no one can interfere with that decision. With that in mind, the following might help increase the chances of your application being accepted:

  • Submitting a complete application
  • Coming in-person to the university for an interview
  • Using strong references and connections
  • Submitting original or notarized documents
  • High grades
  • No errors in translation of documents
  • Submitting more tazkiyah (reference) letters than required
  • Applying from a province in which there are few or no existing students
  • If you are from the indigenous population of your country or a convert to Islam
  • Memorization of the Qur’an or a significant portion of it

Good Timing:

For applicants who wish to personally visit the campus, be aware of the dates and times in which the university is closed. You do not want to put in so much effort, time, and money to visit Madinah only to find out that one of the main purposes of your trip could not be fulfilled. Thus, pay close attention to the university’s operation timings. If you have any doubts or questions, contact the university via students or directly.

Also, although interested candidates can apply at any given time of the year, anyone who applies after the deadline will not be considered for that same year. Instead, they must re-apply online in order to be considered for the following academic year. Thus, it is recommended that one applies well before the deadline so as to maximize the probability of acceptance and minimize waiting time, insha-Allah. If there are any changes with regards to the submission deadline, the university’s registration department will post an announcement accordingly. However, it must be noted that the university is known to change the deadline annually, only mentioning the change after it already passes. As such, it is highly advisable that interested applicants do not delay in submitting their applications regardless of the time of year. Those who do so will be able to modify their applications via a log-in code, bi ithnillah.

Connecting with Current Students:

When you start to seriously consider submitting an application, it always helps to have someone guide you through the processes and help you if you get stuck. Thus, it is highly recommended for applicants to try and connect with current students or even graduates from the university so as to benefit from their insights and experiences. This can be done by:

  • Researching Islamic figures in your locality online
  • Contacting your local Islamic center(s) and masaajid
  • Networking with other Muslims in your community
  • Email canadinah@gmail.com


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