Step 1: Purify Intentions

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Application Process

Without a doubt, the core basis of beginning this application process is the correct intention – as is the case with all matters in life. If your intention is impure in the slightest bit, then you will see the results of that in this world and the hereafter.

Seeking knowledge could potentially be the means through which Allah will raise you to the highest levels of Paradise. Conversely, it could also cause you to be of the very first people to be thrown into the Hellfire – may Allah protect us all.

In the end, only Allah knows what is in the hearts and there is nothing that can be hidden from Him. After we die, we will raised again and be questioned about our actions. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that each and every one of us is constantly on guard.

It is not about fame. It is not about status. It is not about relaxing. It is not about earning a degree for ‘free’. It is about Allah, and striving to please Him to the very best of our abilities.

For your own benefit, please research and internalize the numerous Qur’anic ayaat and authentic narrations regarding intentions and seeking knowledge. Such research will help you develop clearly defined goals which are necessary for success as a seeker of knowledge.

Although it is merely a raindrop in a storm of preparatory information for students of knowledge, refer to the following e-book:

The Etiquette of Seeking Knowledge – By: Bakr Aboo Zayd (رحمه الله)


Also, click here to watch a short video that briefly explores various guidelines for every seeker of knowledge.


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