Taxis in Saudi Arabia

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

In Saudi Arabia, it is not necessary for taxis to be licensed and marked up like in North America – people just drive others around for a mutually agreed price in normal cars. Company-branded taxis do operate throughout the country, but they are almost always over-priced compared to the unmarked cars.

Usually, fares can be split based on the number of people in the car. Speaking of which, it is quite normal for a large number of people to cram into one taxi, especially during busy times of the year like the Hajj and Ramadan seasons.

Try not to settle for the first price that drivers suggest – bargaining is a normal thing in Saudi Arabia, and when that is the case, it is given that people initially ask for a higher price because they know that it will only be haggled down. Also, if you look and act like a non-local, people might try to take advantage of your potential ignorance of the norms by inflating their prices. In the end, if the driver does not budge, you can try to find another cab or just pay up.



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