Money Matters

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

This section deals with matters of money – because money matters.

Some students do not like to think so, and mistakenly believe that Allah will shower them with money from the sky without actually seeking it out. Others unfortunately take on the opposite extreme, as they are constantly stressed about their finances to the extent that they can not focus on their studies and inevitably drop out of school.

All of us need to take on the middle path, and realize that without doubt, Allah is ar-Razzaaq (الرزّاق). He has full control over all matters and He alone is the Provider. At the same time, He has made many means through which His provisions reach us. As such, we must put our absolute trust in Him whilst doing our best to seek out His provisions through the means He has permitted for us.

Raising a family is expensive, and will require significantly more money than what single students are granted from the university. Nonetheless, do not let financial fears prevent you from upholding the Sunnah and giving your family their obligatory rights. Just make sure you have your bases covered to the best of your ability.

Below are a few means through which students support their families, by the Grace of Allah:

  • Receiving help from parents and extended family
  • Helping travel agencies with Umrah and Hajj groups
  • Giving tours of significant sites
  • Managing an online business
  • Teaching English or other languages
  • Offering translation services
  • Selling goods to friends during holidays
  • Working summer jobs in their home countries
  • Halaal investments
  • Saudi-based help foundations for students


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