Pregnancy & Childbirth

Posted: October 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Students who bring their wives need not stress too much about the differences between Saudi Arabian health services and the Canadian medical system, especially when it comes to prenatal care and childbirth. Although Canadian hospitals can be better in many ways, it does not necessitate that Saudi hospitals are unsafe. A lot of students express concerns, especially given the way so many other things work in the country. In the end, it is not so bad – there is not much choice in the matter anyways.

In the event of pregnancy, students should be able to find some sort of prenatal care for their wives. In general, babies are delivered quite safely – and the hospital staff are considerably more conscious of gender than in Canada, so you likely do not need to worry about male practitioners being present whilst your wife gives birth.

From a financial perspective, it costs just over THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($300 CAN) to deliver a baby. However, there may be some places that will do it free of charge. Connect with older, married students for more information.

Some students advise one to be extra cautious if the doctor insists on doing a ‘C-Section’ operation because apparently, it has become a type of business in Saudi Arabia. So, unless there is a genuine need for it, do not sign any forms to authorize such a procedure. Of course, if there is a need, then sign the appropriate papers and ask Allah to make it easy for your wife. May Allah have mercy on all of our mothers.


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