List of Accepted Students for the Academic Year of 2012/2013

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Acceptance List

The following is the list of accepted students to the Islamic University of Madinah for the academic year of 2012/2013:


1. Khalil Mohammed Silim Nahdy

2. Noah Ali Mursal

3. Colin Christopher Lalonde

4. Mohamed Bakkali Tahiri

5. Syed Mohammed Sabih

6. Junaid Abu Bakar Hanslod

7. Tariq Sherdell Rend

Congratulations on your acceptance! May Allah make this opportunity a blessing for you and assist you on your path of seeking knowledge. You should begin the post-acceptance process immediately. Assuming that all of the paperwork is completed on time, it is anticipated that all new students will start their first term of studies together in the first half of this academic year, insha-Allah.

For applicants from other than the above mentioned countries, please visit the official website of the university.

If you did not find your name on this list and were anticipating your acceptance, it is possible your application is being held for next year (academic year of 2013-2014), especially if you submitted your application after January 2012.


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